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Landscape Consultation and Design

While Dillon Landscapes has several proven combinations, arrangements, and configurations to pull from, we specialize in Tailoring your landscape to suit you. We will provide superior service as we gently guide you through our proven design process. We offer simple sketches at no cost if we are awarded the installation. We offer full scale landscape plans when a project requires one. Our most requested design service would be our “On-Site Layout.” The best real-time visualization of a landscape design is seen on the ground where it will eventually come to life. We will mark out bed-lines with turf paint, place labeled flags to mark plant locations and even draw the size of the plant around the flag. This allows you a first hand look at our concept and leaves it ready to be installed. Customer comprehension of the overall design is vital to the success of the project and we go to great lengths to insure that. There is nothing better to us than a customer stepping outside for the first time and simply saying….”WOW!”

Landscape Services
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Dillon Landscapes
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Dillon Landscapes