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Landscape Lighting

When approached correctly, lighting can accent the architectural highlights of your home and landscape.

Lighting is beneficial not only aesthetically but for security as well. A well lit area is less likely to be a target for criminals. It also provides safety when installed to illuminate traffic areas such as lawn, walkways, and patios.

Solar lights and those found in box stores often have the opposite effect on your landscape. They draw attention to the fixture and cast little to no light much like the lights on an airport runway. We use mainly halogen bulbs that are low cost and energy saving while shedding light on the positive attributes of your home and landscape. Our Unique Lighting fixtures are guaranteed for 15 years and our transformers carry a lifetime warranty. We can help you choose between Plastic, Copper and Antiqued Brass to find the perfect fixture to compliment your style.

Choosing the fixture, lens and wattage is to lighting what choosing the right plant for the right place is to planting. It can make or break your success in accentuating your focal points. That is why we include a Night Adjustment with every lighting installation. This allows us an opportunity to make fine adjustments to the fixtures (including wattage correction) if necessary to leave the project picture perfect!

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